When Surrender Means Choosing

As we start to pull all the pieces together, we can begin to see how the many pieces of surrender all fill a need in the bigger puzzle. We start to see that what we thought was the end is really just the beginning. Our holding out on surrender is really delaying the blessings God has in store for each of us. The path forward towards a life of peace, towards our calling, towards the full-life God richly promised each of us, begins with surrender.

The path ahead is a tough one. We now know and are aware of the blessings which await us, if we so choose to fully surrender to God. The challenge is that we have yet to fully solidify the principles of what it means to surrender. It is seemingly much easier to close our eyes, put our fingers in our ears, and run the other way. Do we want to do that knowing what blessings lie ahead?

Believe in His Goodness

The way forward is more a question of the heart. It is really a shift in our perspective, a greater realization and acceptance of how God works. The different types of surrender we have explored have revealed how little we truly control in our lives. Are you ready to choose to believe in God’s goodness? Or would you rather cling to the imaginary pieces of control you believe you once had? Moving forward means we intentionally choose to believe in his goodness no matter what our circumstances tell us.

Believing in His Plan

Will you choose to intentionally believe in his plan? When things are not looking so great, will you choose to place your faith in God’s plan or in your plan? Will you choose to remember God’s faithfulness? Or will you allow the circumstantial waves to erode the monuments of God’s faithfulness from your memory?

Proverbs 19:21
‘Many plans are in a man’s mind, But it is the Lord’s purpose for him that will stand (be carried out). ‘


Will you continue to fool yourself into believing you still are in control? Or are you ready to set aside your will for God’s? These are tough questions. There are a lot of people who are not ready to answer these now and maybe they never will.


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