When God Says-Yes

As we delve into this journey of understanding God’s responses to our requests, the answer which seemingly needs little explanation is “yes.” Initially my thoughts surrounding God answering in favor of our requests is at how ridiculous it seems to actually discuss it. However, as I begin to reflect on past times when God has said “yes,” it has not always been the rosy answer I had hoped for. Here when I refer to God answering Yes, I am also talking about God answering in favor of our requests. Whether we ask for healing, or clarity on a decision, we are seeking for God to act on our behalf. What I hope for here in this post is to help us gain proper perspective into what occurs when God answers “yes” in favor of our requests.


When this happens we should be in shock and be in awe of God. A “yes” is what we all hope for when we request something of God. So why is it when God answers in favor of our request, our response is one of complete and utter shock? I cannot speak for everyone, but when I was growing up, a lesson I struggled with and was often taught was that we do not always get what we want. A more cynical version might say we rarely get what we want. Let us not get stuck in this mindset though. It is hard to say why God grants some requests over others, but I think we can look at some possibilities. One of the possibilities we can consider is that our request(s) aligned with God’s Will. Another possibility is that what we requested did not interfere or go against what God has planned for our life. Another thing to remember is just how good God is. We do not always have to figure everything out to appreciate them.


I believe our next appropriate response to God answering our request in our favor is that of complete awe. Consider what happens in us making our requests known to God. When we make a request to God we are believing in faith that He hears us. His answer in favor of our request confirms to us in a tangible way that God listens to our requests. This idea leaves me awestruck. The idea that an omnipresent, omniscient God cares enough about his children that He listens and even responds to our request for help is amazing. Another mind-blowing observation is that a request that I made as an imperfect human being somehow aligned with the Will of God.

I am always seeking to grow closer and more like God, but when my request(s) or perceived needs align with what God wants, I am amazed. It never gets old. Years ago, I established the habit of soaking in God’s Word daily in hopes of becoming more like Him. I spend time praying throughout my day longing to be like Him and know Him more. So when something like this happens, it makes me smile. It also gives me hope. When this happens to you, take a little time to be in awe of God and His love for us. Thank God for who He is and offer Him the praise He rightly deserves.

When God says “yes” to our requests we should be shocked, we should respond in awe and we should praise God. This is the proper response to God acting on our behalf. It is mind blowing when God shows up in this way, but this should also be our response when God doesn’t answer the way we want. I’ll leave you with 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 which says “Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”


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