Unseen Obstacles

The other day I was getting my morning medicine. I open the bottle to get a vitamin and there was this big white ball of cotton. I fought and fought trying to get a vitamin out of the bottle. I pushed the cotton to the side and shook the bottle trying to get to my vitamin. Finally after pushing and reaching my fingers in the bottle I got the vitamin I was seeking. I then put the cap back on and took my medicine.

The next day I went through the same process. Shook the bottle, reaching with the fingers, etc. I have been doing this same process for weeks. It got me thinking. Why didn’t I remove the cotton ball? Why did I repeat the process? Doing so once is one thing, but I did this for a few weeks. I believe I might be doing something similar in my life. The cotton ball was not bad, it had a purpose in being there, but it did not serve me by being there.

For most of us, at some point we find something in our lives preventing us from getting to the thing we really are seeking. There is something, someone causing friction in your life in your pursuit of life goals. Do you need to say no to something good to get to the great thing in your life! I believe there are all kinds of obstacles in our lives much like the cotton ball.

What is it in your life you need to remove to make way for what’s really important?


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