The Power of Words

Sitting high above the surface of such a beautiful creation I am still baffled. We place so much trust in money, social influence, and things. Yet none of these were a part of creating what we call Earth. We place value in status, earning potential and popularity, yet none of these will last. The universe including Earth was either created through a big bang or through a Creator. These are the two predominate views held in society. One being a cosmic accident and one from a higher power.

Claiming the belief in a cosmic event, says we came from years of evolving and a higher power or deity had no part. Claiming belief in a deity in some respects requires less than believing in an evolutionary process. If I believe in an evolutionary process, I believe our planet and universe came out of an explosion and then more evolution. If I believe in a deity, I believe a higher power put everything in place. The most common ascribed deity is creation from God through spoken word. So placing other aspects aside, if we believe in creation then we must place some value in words. God did not wave a wand or blink and all of the universe was put in its place. He spoke.

Could it be possible both are true? If one ascribes to creation from God he/she must acknowledge Him. Could evolution occur post creation by God? People have clouded the truth with distraction. The “good” people of the world focus on family, giving back, and making a difference. Some do this through financial wealth, some give their time, talent, and some their influence. I am convinced doing these things are of value and a good use of ones resources. Yet, something still leaves me wondering if doing these things in themselves are of lasting value. If I don’t believe in the Creator, then what are their significance?


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