Living The Abundant Life

Once we get past the hurdle of actually praying, we begin to invite prayer in all faucets of our lives, and we begin to discover true relationship with God. We learn to bring God into the big things, the small things, and everything in between. This is exactly the place where God wants us to […]

When God Says…Wait

As we are learning, God’s responses to our prayers come in various forms. When God answers our request(s), He will often answer them in one of three ways. When we pray, God will often respond with a “yes”, “no”, or “wait.” As we are discovering from this journey, the challenge with prayer is not the […]

When God Says…No

No is not a word we like to hear. As human beings we struggle with the word “No” the majority of our lives. As we grow into adulthood we get better at dealing with the answer, but it is still a struggle none-the-less. A large part of effectively navigating God’s answers to our requests has […]

When God Says-Yes

As we delve into this journey of understanding God’s responses to our requests, the answer which seemingly needs little explanation is “yes.” Initially my thoughts surrounding God answering in favor of our requests is at how ridiculous it seems to actually discuss it. However, as I begin to reflect on past times when God has […]

When God Says…

Prayer is hard. Well…in all reality, the actual act of prayer is quite simple. There is nothing in the Bible that says speaking with God has to be difficult. As humans, we tend to make prayer difficult because we have not made sense of it. We lack the understanding or experience necessary to grasp the […]