When Surrender Means Choosing

As we start to pull all the pieces together, we can begin to see how the many pieces of surrender all fill a need in the bigger puzzle. We start to see that what we thought was the end is really just the beginning. Our holding out on surrender is really delaying the blessings God […]

Misconceptions Of What Surrender Means

I can vaguely remember hearing the words of my childhood pastor doing what is commonly referred to in the church world as an “altar call.” Growing up in church, this sort of thing would happen just about every Sunday towards the end of a church service. What sticks out the most in my mind is […]

When Surrender Means Trusting

Surrender equals trust. Surrender means trusting God. I find that we believe we do this more than we actually do. Trusting God is really easy until He calls on you to act upon that trust. It is here where metaphorically, the rubber meets the road. Trust is the ingredient that makes doing, saying, going, and […]

When Surrender Means Saying

Surrender is never easy, at least not for me. Halting my will or my desires to submit to the will of someone else has always been difficult for me. I never like to blindly follow anyone, no matter who they may be. I remember struggling as a child to follow direction from my parents with […]

When Surrender Means Giving

I believe that surrender takes shape in several different ways. One thing is sure, if you follow Jesus long enough, God will ultimately call you to surrender through giving. Giving is not just something God does; it is a part of His character. Giving(generous) is who He is. By responding to God’s prompts to give, […]

When Surrender Means Doing

As we pursue the truth in understanding what it means to truly surrender, God honors our hearts and will reveal himself to us. When we approach God with a heart that is willing to yield our personal will to the will of God, He will often draw us closer, typically through small but seemingly large […]