Loving Those With Anxiety – Encouragement

As we wrap up this series, we are beginning to see the whole picture. We are learning to prioritize connection by seeking to be present, seeing people, listening intently, and encouraging others. We also saw what it looks like to prioritize healing. This article will take a closer look at encouraging those living with anxiety. […]

Loving Those With Anxiety – Listening Intently

Listening Intently

In this series, we are learning that anytime someone shares their struggle with anxiety, we need to learn to look beyond the external. We prioritize connection by seeking to be present, seeing them, listening intently, and encouraging them. We recognize that living this out is tough. Pursuing connection requires love, restraint, and intentionality. So how […]

Loving Those With Anxiety – See People

See People

Loving people is messy. It is inconvenient; it can be emotionally and physically draining. Love requires intentionality, restraint, patience, and sacrifice. It is not merely a feeling we experience but something we choose daily. Love is a verb. It is something we do. Anytime someone is brave enough to share their struggle with anxiety, we […]

Loving Those With Anxiety – Prioritize Healing

One of the more challenging aspects of any mental illness is timing. There is never a good time for mental illness to strike someone. Everyday life quickly becomes abnormal. Mental health challenges force humans to slow down and pay attention. Into The Mystery Suddenly, we step onto a path and into the mystery of treatment, […]

Loving Those With Anxiety – 7 Tips For Being Present

Have you ever experienced an interaction with a friend or acquaintance where something seemed off? The person was there physically, but their mind was elsewhere. Now picture that same scenario, but imagine that you are trying to tell this person something troubling you. You are incredibly uncomfortable sharing this, but this is a trusted friend. […]

Loving Those With Anxiety – The Importance Of Connection

I have long been a problem solver. My time spent working for Apple Retail further solidified this for me. It also taught me about human connection. People would appear at the store before we opened, longing for answers. Many days they would find me standing just outside the closed doors as the opening concierge. I […]