I find that simple ideas are often the most brilliant. I think too often we as human beings try to over complicate things in general. For instance, electronics. My findings are that people say that apple computers/products are simple to use. I think that is what makes them so amazing is that they just simply work! You turn them on and they come on. You tell them to go to sleep and you can count on them going into sleep mode a few seconds after clicking the sleep option.

I like to think about such great people and I am again shown how they are often simple. Let me say that what makes them so great is so simple. Steve Irwin, fantastic at what he did. One of my favorite icons of our time. He will never be duplicated or overshadowed. What made him so great? He loved all animals. He had an incredible passion for what he did and he focused on it. I like a comment I heard from Denzel Washington. He said “I like to see others suceed.” He gave that as one reason that he likes directing movies so much. Very simple and I think we will see Denzel direct some great movies over the next few years.


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