Review: Platform – Get Noticed In a Noisy World

This has to be one of the best books I have read in the last twelve months! It is filled with invaluable information for anyone. From author to casual blogger to job seeker. For those who haven’t heard, your platform will do more for you to get a job than your resume. You got it. I believe your platform is crucial to your success in your career. The resume is dead! With that said, this book, by Michael Hyatt, should be a fixture on everyone’s bookshelf. First off, I struggled getting through this book. I didn’t struggle for the reasons people often struggle with books. The reason I struggled in getting through this book is simple. Each and every chapter challenged me to think and explore topics I have not considered. It seems with every chapter I read I had a blog post to write. It needed digestion and spawned me to dig deeper. I encourage you to take your time going through the book and digest each chapter at your pace. As I mentioned earlier, this book is packed with such practical knowledge which will keep you thinking and cause you to go deeper to develop your platform.


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