Re: The Trouble With Email Is That It’s Free

In response to the article on The Trouble With Email Is That It’s Free

I disagree that email should cost actual money. I do believe that both the sender and the recipient both pay a price. They pay with their time. They pay by saying no to other things so they can send or read the email. I do agree that we make value choices every minute of every day. The change in communication methods causes the average Joe to be more focused on their consumption. It forces this person to know what is important to them, to their job, etc. What we are seeing as a side effect of all this information, is that most people don’t know where they are headed. They have no idea of their personal mission, vision, and goals. They lack direction personally and professionally. The abundance of information is forcing them to make choices of who to listen to and what is a priority. When they have no sense of purpose or direction they end up overwhelmed and lose hope.


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