Overcoming Anxiety – Observation 1

Okay, so if I haven’t mentioned, I experience overwhelming anxiety on a regular basis.  I have been learning to deal with this for about 3 years.  The first year was debilitating.  Literally, I couldn’t work, or function normally.  I found myself looking for ways to occupy my mind.  Now, as I have learned a few tricks I feel much more confident that I can manage my anxiety.  I did say “manage” because I don’t think that my anxiety will just disappear forever.  Today, I managed to get myself worked up because I overslept my alarm and was in a rush to get to work.  Once I got there, I could not settle down.  My mind was racing and I couldn’t sit still.  I found that walking around to occupy my mind worked well to calm me down.  Once I got past this point I was great!  This hasn’t always been so simple.  It wasn’t easy, nor has it ever been.  At times in my past, my mind would run until I broke down.  I remember times when my only solution was to pray.  It is sad to say that my first reaction is not prayer.  This should be my first reaction to anxiety.  Since the Bible says not to be anxious about “anything.”  Sad to say that I am going to have to work on this.


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