Never Stop Telling Your Story

Storytellers are amazing! If you have ever watched a skilled storyteller, you know what I mean. These individuals have the ability to transport their listeners anywhere in the galaxy! Through the use of their words, their tone, their gestures they take us to places unknown. They do all of this with such ease. I love watching a good storyteller!

When I started down the path of learning to tell my story, I was no where near what I would refer to as a storyteller. I doubted whether anyone would ever actually want to hear my story. As I started telling my story, I quickly learned that we are all storytellers. Some of us are better at it than others, but we all tell stories none-the-less. What initially caught my attention was when I started to tell my story God began to speak to others through the telling of my story.

Now my first reaction when I hear those words, are one of cynicism and disbelief so bear with me if you are thinking the same. Would God ever audibly speak through my story? I am not sure I can say no to this question, but what I mean when I say God started to speak was referring to the hearts of the people listening. The people who listened to me tell my story came away from the experience different.

Why Should I Tell My Story?

I am not sure I can honestly answer this question for you personally, but I can tell you what I learned about telling my story. Telling my story not only allowed God to speak through me, but it also allowed God to speak directly to ME. By continuing to tell my story, I was essentially choosing to continue to place my faith in God.

To Speak to the Hearts of Those Listening

At first I believed that telling my story, if only to allow God to speak to the hearts of others, was reason enough. If God could speak to the hearts of those listening, I would continue to tell my story. While this is still true, I discovered that I needed to continue to tell my story for other reasons beyond this. The further I got from my point of breakthrough in my story, the more I needed to continue telling it. It is super easy to forget what God has done in us and through us. Telling my story served me as much or more than it did others.

To Speak to My Heart

At first, I believe that telling my story was all about allowing God to speak to the hearts of others. This was partially true, but what I found was I needed to continue to tell my story to continue building my faith. Telling my story serves to point me back to what God has done. It also serves to point to what else God is going to do in and through us. It ties our present story to our past and brings our past into our future. It leads us to the future God has in store for us.

There are many times I have found it hard to keep up the practice of telling my story. I begin to tell myself that people are tired of hearing it. Or I try to convince myself that my story is not that important. If I choose to believe either of these I rob others of the joy God may have for them. So no matter where you are at in your story, I would encourage you to continue to find ways to tell your story. By doing so you not only allow God to speak through you to others, but you allow God to continue working in and through you.


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