Money and Our Spending Habits

How do you spend your money? If I asked you that question, most likely you would tell me to mind my own business. Right?? I am reading a fantastic book called “The Blessed Life,” by Robert Morris. It has me thinking and rethinking some principles and practices that I have just accepted for years. I ask how you spend your money because as discussed in chapter 2 of his book, Robert points out a very good point. Where we spend our money reveals what our priorities in life are. You might argue that isn’t true, but consider the idea. If you believe in something you are more likely to put your money towards supporting that cause, right? If you love clothes, you might spend a lot on your wardrobe. If you are a car enthusiast you might spend a lot of money on your car or keeping your car looking good. You might spend money on magazines that have articles all about cars. So I ask you again, where are you spending your money?

This really comes down to priorities. It might cause you to rethink your budget and where your money is going. What are your thoughts on this issue?


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