I got to thinking about the term “MO” or method of operation.  As you will see if you visit the wikipedia explanation, this term often is used in criminal profiling or the description of one’s habits.  So I pose the question, what is your MO?  What are you known by?  If others were to describe you, what would be the common terms?  Companies do this all the time.  They create their own MO.  Now they don’t call it that, instead they call it their brand or corporate image.  Think about it…Coca-Cola, Pepsi, GE, Target, and my personal favorite…Apple, Inc.  They all have their own MO.  Companies even have a squad of fighters ready to defend their MO…they call them “PR” or public relations.  So now that we know that companies do this, it poses the question why don’t people defend their MO. Oh, but celebrities do this all the time.  They have publicists, their “people”.  As Ellen Degeneres often says.


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