In the Weeds – Lesson # 1

In the weeds

In the restaurant biz there is a phrase they call “in the weeds”.  I have worked in fast food, but have never waited tables.  So let me be the first to say that I have never personally experienced this in its place of origin. (pause)  When waitstaff get behind servicing their customers or tables, they use this term/phrase. I think this phrase is clever and applies to all areas of life.

Do you ever get in so over your head that you can not see the end?
Do you take on too much and wait too long to ask for help?
Come on, shake your head and say “yes”.  We all do.  If you don’t, please give me a call…I want to learn your secret.

This idea came to me when I was mowing my lawn… how ironic!  I had waited too long to mow my backyard.  It was so thick a small dog could have hidden in the grass.  It took me twice as long as any normal person.

So why are you “in the weeds”?  Did you over-commit?

I am having to learn to say “no” to more and more things.


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