How to be Rich ?

A common question from adults to children is the thought of what a child will be when he/she grows up. We have been asked this time after time and it seems to continue through us by our echoing the same question to the children of the next generation. It also shows how backwards we have been trained to think. Not necessarily the fact that we look to the future or plan for the future. That is all well and good. A lot of children if asked will say something cute or funny like “Superman” or “a princess.” As kids get older if you continue to ask the same question you are likely to get “a doctor,” “a lawyer” or “a football player.” Why is that? In our adolescent years we know very little as to why we want to be one thing or another. Our answers start out so innocent and simple when we are young. As we get older and discover what occupations pay more than others our answers tend to change. Yet we all know by the time you enter your adolescent years that we want to make lots of money, right? Don’t let your desire for monetary wealth determine what passion you will pursue.


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