How Do You Like Your Ice Cream?

I know, this is perhaps a silly title to a blog post, but it tells you a lot about a person. For instance, one night when my wife and I were out on the town having some ice cream. I listened to the man in front of us place his order. Now, this guy was a big man, over 6′2″ tall and probably 240+ lbs. I was trying to guess in my head what he would order. He looked like a very masculine, no-nonsense kind of guy.  I would have thought this guy would think ice cream is for softies.  When I heard him place his order I saw a whole different side to him. He wanted some fancy-smancy chocolate ice cream with crumbled oreos on top. Not exactly what I was expecting. I was thinking that he might go with ice cream by itself straight up. Maybe Rocky Road if he was looking for adventure.

I think we all do this type of thing each and every day. We judge people based on our perception. This is how we think they will or should appear.  Maybe we knew someone like him or her in the past and still have that as our perception of all people of a certain size, shape, or color.  Often, people surprise us when they don’t act as we would have thought. It showed me that this giant of a man had a softer side.

Okay, so you are asking, “How do you take your ice cream?”  That night I compromised.  Kristi, my wife, wanted cheesecake ice cream with some peanut butter cup contraption for the topping.  I would have personally gone with cheesecake ice cream with some fresh strawberries.  What does this say about me?  That I don’t know.

So I must ask, How do you take your ice cream??  What does this say about you?


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