God, Replace The Lies With Truth

Replace The Lies With Truth

In God, Show Me the Lies, we learned that as long as we believe the lies, we will be unable to find true freedom from our anxiety. We are building on the lessons from God, Strengthen My Faith and God, Show Me the Lies, where we ask God to strengthen our faith and seek to identify the lies we are believing. As we rely on God to move forward in finding freedom from our anxiety, we will need to establish our new truth. If we simply remove the lies without putting something in their place, new lies will pop up again in place of the previous lies. There is no greater place to find truth than in the World of God, the Bible.

Ultra Practical

Today, I am going to be super practical with you. If you have identified the lies you have been believing, then you have done a large part of the work. Everything we do will be based on the lies you have identified in God, Show Me the Lies. And while in the previous posts, we were able to get everything done in one sitting, you might need to take time throughout your day today to get the most out of this post’s content.

Here we will start by listing out the lies, leaving plenty of room below each one. You can do this on actual paper or digitally, whatever you prefer. Once you have your list of lies, we are going to stop and pray.


God, you are our rock, our strength. You have shown us where we were believing in lies and ultimately not trusting in you. Help us to find truth to replace each of these lies we have identified. -Amen

While this post is ultra-practical, it might take more time than one sitting or one day will allow.

Seek the Truth

Ask God to replace the lies you have been believing with Truth.


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