Dreams – 2 Steps to Living Out Your Dream Today

Do you want to live out your dreams? You can, but it won’t come in an infomercial. You have to make the choice(s) to do so. Choices determine what you do and do not do in your life. I am not saying choosing to be a millionaire will automatically make you wealthy. I am not saying if you choose to, you can become a professional athlete. It does take more than a decision to make your dreams a reality.

I am baffled by the misconception people have about making their dreams a reality. Take a look at my fellow blogger, Micheal Hyatt’s post, Are You Living Your Own Dream Or Someone Else’s? I see people wandering around life in a giant maze they cannot escape. They seem to be looking for the magic door leading to their dreams. They spend most of their lives looking for the right door, but fail to find it. They run into dead end after dead end which causes them to lose hope. This is perhaps one of the worst experiences to endure. The endless dead ends, the doors opening to what appeared to be the right decision.

The secret to following your dream is right before you each and everyday. What most people fail to see, is living your dream starts with choices. Several small ones to be exact. These choices seem so insignificant at first glance, but one choice could lead you to your next big opportunity. This opportunity could lead to much more. The big misconception is the idea of success and dreams flooding in all at once. The truth is they come one decision after another.

So, the first step in walking towards your dreams is by the small seemingly insignificant choices before you. Also, knowing specifically what your dream is in detail will make steering towards your dream much easier. Before you can make choices towards living your dream, you must know clearly what your dream is.

So in conclusion:

  1. Change Your Mindset – Realize your choices push you toward or pull you away from living your dream.
  2. Define Your Dream – In order to live your dream you must have your dream clearly defined on paper or digitally.


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