Do Overs

How many times have you looked back on something and wished you had a do over?  I would say about a million for me personally.  I make mistakes often, some worse than others, but mistakes come frequently in my world.  Sometimes I beat myself up wishing I could have the chance back to make the correct move.  Other times I simply put my foot in my mouth and I can’t get my foot out.  I discovered that mistakes are my friend.  They mold me and God molds me using these stepping stones in my life.  I am a perfectionist and I often try to get everything right before putting myself out there.  I think it is worse to hold off on something for a long time and never act because everything isn’t in place.  Rather than put myself out there and risk making myself look foolish.    I can’t tell you how many times I would have accomplished more if I would simply put myself out there and give it a try.  Risk…what is the risk?  Next time you are hesitant about stepping out from your safe spot, ask yourself what would happen if you messed up….think about the risk involved.  Is it worth waiting?  I am all for preparation, but sometimes waiting until you are totally ready could hinder you more than trying and failing.


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