Cultural Christianity – Part 2

Living Up to Our Name

You know it is tough to live up to our name. After all, we are supposed to be little Christs. With a name like this, it is tough to even come close. Still, we should strive to be like Christ. David is a prime example of how, as Christians, we must strive to follow Christ. At the same time, even David made some big mistakes. Check out 2 Samuel 11:2-5. God describes David as a “…man after God’s own heart.” Still, this man made several little baby steps that led to a path of disobedience to God. One sin led to another and before you know it he had Uriah, Bath-sheba’s husband, killed. Not only did he kill Uriah, but he made it look like he was killed in battle. I like to find stories like this in the Bible. It makes me realize that even the great disciples were human-sinning against God and still striving to be like HIM.


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