What a weird title for a post. This idea came to me after many days battling the front lines of customer service. Everyone has a certain level of composure. In customer service you are trained to deal with people. I am not talking about the nice ones that give you a hug or a warm “thank you”. I am referring to those that dig at you. They dig at you big deal. They try again…yet you stay strong hoping you win out. Before you know it they have dug one too many times and you react!! …ope! Thankfully nothing bad came out!

What I am trying to get at is that everyone, and I mean everyone has a breaking point. What comes out at that breaking point is what I am interested in. I think I tend to come back with a stern response. My wife told me that sometimes I give her a look “of death.” Sometimes I am well enough to come back with a confident yet kind reply. How do we prepare for those breaking points? Is there really anything you can do to prepare?

Let me know if you have any thoughts on this topic. What pushes you to that breaking point?


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