Composure – Lesson # 2

Okay, so in my first post on composure I spoke about the idea that every person has a breaking point at which they no longer present a calm, masked presentation.  Now I revisit this thought/idea because I continue to experience this in my life.  Presenting a put-together, well organized demeanor takes lots of practice and speed bumps.  And when I say speed bumps, I mean failures.  In my daily life, there are customers that try to break you.  They want to see you stumble.  Keeping a strong, composed demeanor takes some getting used to.

My tips to you :

1) Remember that you have control of the situation when working with customers.  You can choose to remain in control of the situation or surrender and lose traction.

2) You let the customer have a foot-in when you break your composure for a mere 30 seconds.  Stay focused!! Thinking on your feet is a skill that is developed, not born with.


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