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I have something new to share. Something unique. I want to share my journey as I learn to develop my skills as a speaker. I am really gifted when it comes to writing. Most times I feel better behind a keyboard than in front of people. I want to change that. I love, love, love writing. God is just pushing me, urging me to go further. I have decided I won’t turn back.

Each year I seek God at the first of the year to grow closer to Him. The past two years He has given me themes or phrases that have shaped my year. My theme for this year is radical discipline. It seems as though this is one of those areas which will take quite a bit to see progress. I am ALL in! I will be posting various parts of my journey. This includes tapings of my practice at my iMac. I joined Toastmasters here in OKC. I recently gave my Ice-Breaker speech and felt a huge amount of accomplishment just getting up there.

This is just the first step in my journey to becoming a better mentor and speaker. I hope this inspires you and shows you that anyone can do this if they will just believe!


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