Choose Wisely

When you experience a move of God all you want to do is tell people about what God has done. Filled with such hope and confidence, all you want to do is share it. So here I was completely intent on telling my story any and every chance I got when something unexpected happened. All of a sudden, I lost all motivation to tell my story. The bizarre confidence I had gained in telling my story was gone. I looked up and all of a sudden my story had lost its excitement. What I once felt could not be stopped had come to a screeching halt. So hold on…what has just happened here?! I was just soaring above the trees telling my story of hope to all who might come along and then…thud.

I awoke with a mouth full of dirt, face firmly planted on the ground. I picked myself up and dusted off the soil from my clothes. Now, I had mentioned in my prior two posts that my story was becoming increasingly more real the more that I told it. So what would happen if I stopped telling it? Would my story be any different? If my story loses steam what happens? Does it change my story?

A lesson I have learned in other areas of my life is that what we do not know has the potential to hurt us. Early in the sharing of our story, we must learn to choose wisely who we share it with. When God moves we want to shout it from the mountaintops, but what we may not realize is there is a time for everything. Early in the process of telling your story, the response of others can play a crucial role in fueling your story.

Who we choose to share it with can have damaging consequences. It can fan the flame or it has the power to extinguish your flame. This is the perfect time to take it to God. Ask Him who you should share your story with and when. Seek His guidance before you blurt out all that God has done! The time will come when you share your story with anyone willing to listen, but now is not the time. Pray often and choose wisely…


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