Going About It All Wrong

This morning I came to an eye-opening revalation which changed the course of my development process entirely. It has been five plus years since I started developing The Prayer App. I thought someone would have published this app already, yet I still feel called to release this app. This morning I began my morning like […]

iCloud Photo Stream

If you are a bit confused at the name, that’s okay. For many, the name Photo Stream and Photo Library do not seem too far apart. Apple is such a fantastic marketing company it is a wonder they would keep two product names which are so similar, yet have different functionality and purpose. My hope, […]

What is iCloud Photo Library?

What is iCloud Photo Library? iCloud Photo Library is an optional feature of iCloud which allows you to backup, sync, and share your images including video. Many people ask me the following question(s). Should I turn on iCloud Photo Library? Is iCloud Photo Library Safe or Secure? Do You Have iCloud Photo Library Setup On […]

Understanding iCloud

In order to better understand iCloud we need to think about where we came from prior to iCloud. We do not have to look too far back on the history of iOS devices to remember a time when users actually plugged in their iOS devices to their computer to backup their data. iTunes was the […]

iOS 12 and Swift

I thought it would be interesting to find some way of sharing what it is I am learning each week. I am not sure this will be all that valuable to readers, but I hope to find a way to make it useful. One of my goals with this series is to catalogue what courses […]

The Danger In What You Cannot See

In my last post, I mentioned the danger often being in things we cannot see. There is a certain level of risk in everything we do. Avoiding risk should never be our primary goal. Learning to take calculated risks and make wise choices is what life is all about. Without risk there is no reward. […]

Putting It All On The Line

When making life altering decisions, the danger is often not in what you can see, it’s what you can not foresee. I so desperately wanted to make apps, I believe I was blind to any and all danger just up ahead. I thank God for protecting me and my family while I chased after a […]

Minimal Acrobatics

A new trend in the application community is interaction between apps. What exactly is that you say? Well, in code speak it could be called callbacks. As the app community evolves and matures developers find new ways to make apps more useful. As an app developer, you soon realize that your app can’t do everything. […]

Re – Everything Wrong With The Apple Universe

So Stephen Hackett of 512pixels.net linked to an interesting article which I think is worth visiting. His link post points to an article on AppAdvice.com, by which points toward a trend which is outdated. The need for each release or iteration of a smartphone to have a “killer feature” is over. Now I am not […]


I just attended a meeting and we were discussing how generations (Baby Boomers, Xers, etc.) do and perceive things differently. It is amazing how generation Xers are so used to technology that they consider it a vital part of their daily lives. We are all about using the latest gadgets to make our lives easier. […]