Born Again Lazy

This term is a tough one to tackle. I am sure to offend people. I was reading a book and I must give credit where credit is due. I got this term from Starving Jesus, a book by Craig Gross and JR Mahon. This term refers to large population of Christians alive today. Show up at church each weekend, they don’t seek God during the week and then they are back in church the next weekend. I think Christians or Christ Followers have the wrong perspective on how we are to live our lives. Our time spent at church on the weekend should simply be an overflow of what has happened in our relationship with Christ during the week. This should not be our only time spent worshiping our Savior. Our worship should be in our daily lives, in our waking moments, throughout the day, and into our time before bed. It should be part of our DNA as Christ Followers. I myself have been guilty of this, so I have no room to pass judgement, but I am sick and tired of seeing this happen. I have been eagerly seeking God through Christian living books and studying God’s word. I used to make excuses as to why I couldn’t learn about Christ or why I couldn’t spend time with God. I am simply fed up with this viewpoint in my life. As Christ Followers we must aggressively seek God. Not a feel good, do my good deed for the week, check it off my list type of mentality. So what are your thoughts?


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