Beyond Me

This idea that God would somehow do something in us and through us is often quite daunting for me. The thought that the God of the universe would use me to accomplish His work blows my mind! I admittedly am not perfect, so it amazes me that God would choose me, of anyone, to do what only God can do. Does it amaze anyone else that God plants within us dreams which are in step with His Will? Especially when we consider how limited we are as his children?

Toby Mac’s song “Beyond Me” illustrates my thoughts of utter amazement perfectly.

“…Is it so crazy to believe That You gave me the stars put them out of my reach Called me to waters a little too deep “

I believe our God-given dreams serve dual purposes. One, they are a consistent reminder that we need God. If we stop even for a minute and think about what goes into making these dreams happen, we are reminded of our need for God. Second, simply reflecting on their scope and sheer size, these dreams remind us that they originated from God for God’s glory.

To Serve As A Reminder

I believe that embracing your God-given dreams has purpose beyond the dream itself. I believe our dreams are the purest reminder of our need for God. Humans are quick to forget just how much we need our Father’s love and grace. We see this many times throughout the Bible, but one which sticks out to me personally is the story of the Israelites in the Old Testament. If you take a stroll through the book of Exodus, you will read about this account. Just as they are delivered from the hands of the Egyptians, they quickly forget all God has just done for them only to turn on Moses and God.

Bigger Than Me

In Toby Mac’s song, “Beyond Me” his lyrics remind me that my God-given dreams are way bigger than me. These dreams not only remind me that I need Him, but that my dreams are only possible when God intervenes. It is with His blessing and His power that these dreams become a reality. If I consider my dreams without God, I quickly give up any hope of their realization.

I would encourage you to take a minute to listen to Beyond Me, by Toby Mac. Think through the lyrics and reflect on the God-given dreams in your life. Are your dreams bigger than you? Do they remind you of your need for God? If not, you might need to go to God and ask him to help you dream bigger.


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