Accessibility To Audience

I will never be too busy for my audience. Or at least that is what I tell myself. I believe it will become more difficult to manage my audience as it grows. I see this as a problem and apparently others do as well. For me, at this moment this is not an issue. For fellow bloggers like Michael Hyatt, and Andy Stanley this is an issue and I try to learn what I can from them. I believe so strongly in being accessible to my audience that I strive to make this a priority.

Think Big

I realize if I continue to grow my audience, there will come a time when I cannot respond to all of the requests which come my way. This really bugged me at first thought. The problem I had when first thinking on this issue was the fact I was thinking too small. Yes, too small. There will be a time when I need to add to my team to help me reach more people. This will be tough to do, but I believe it is inevitable. What I have to realize is that I need to focus on my audience and not the administrative or tasks which I can delegate.

Learn To Delegate

I will eventually delegate those tasks which don’t involve my audience. The tasks which I currently handle, but could possibly hand off to someone I trust. So, my shift in thinking trully helped me see how I would handle this transition when it comes. I will be delegating the tasks which don’t require my involvement while maintaining my close relationship with my audience.

What do you do to remain enganged with your audience while maintaining balance in other areas of your life?


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