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My name is Craig Booker. I'm an Software Developer and Writer.

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React - Front To Backby Craig Booker 🖹 2 min read

This last week or two was all about learning to use ReactJS and the MERN stack. I decided it was time to learn more about JavaScript and specifically about ReactJS. One, I wanted to see what all the…

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featured image thumbnail for post God, Career, and Calling

God, Career, and Callingby Craig Booker 🖹 3 min read

This has long been a tough subject for me to grasp personally. I have always struggled to see how what I do in my day-to-day impacts the Kingdom of God. For so long, I thought only pastors or…

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Recent Projects

Project Name: IT Logger Description: A ReactJS app which allows users to log it needs and a place to log when they are completed. Tech Details: This is utilizing Javascript, React, web hooks such as…

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Project Name: Contact Keeper Description: A full stack MERN app which allows users to register/login and add contacts including name, email, phone. Tech Details: This is utilizing Javascript, React…

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Project Name: Github Finder Description: A react app which utilizes the Github API to search for Github users and display their profile along with their public repos. Tech Details: This is utilizing…

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Description: A site documenting what it means to go from zero to developer. www.zerotodev.net

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